Alan Westlake passed away on the morning of Tuesday

    10th March 2020.

    After an accident whilst on his mobility scooter a week

    before he was admitted to derriford hospital. 

    Doreen and his son Richard stayed at his side,


    Later that week his grandchildren Emma & James along

    with Ricks Wife arrived and contiuned to support

    Doreen by spending hours with her at Alan's side.

    Alan was fully aware for days after the accident due his

    strength and will power the family had time to share some

    moments with him prior to his passing.

    Sadly because of the coronavirus rulings and the ban on travel along with self isolation the funeral could only be

    attended by Doreen, Joyce and Anne. The service was

    recorded allowing family members being to see a very

    moving funeral via internet technology supplied by the

    funeral directors.