Concert in the Congregational Church

    Guitar recital was well attended and enjoyed by all yesterday

    Alison Smith, ( pictured) organised a Guitarfest in our church and elsewhere in the village last week end.   It was very successful and we hope she will do it again soon.

    The Church was full to hear the concert. There was mix of visitors, those who had come to the village as part of the weekend guitar festival and people who are local or on holiday. 

    Alison is the Director and booked the many venues for the festival  in May 2018 as she much appreciates the village whilst living in Plymouth.

    During the performance she took great care to explain what we would hear in the music, her focus was on the emotional aspect of the music and how this would be reflected in the pattern and pace of what we would hear.One piece she explained would have a section which resembled the sound of a mandolin.Her style is empathetic and thoughtful, thereby accessible to everyone, on that point a little will be added below.

    The picture above suggests a scene as might be incorporated into a tapestry from the 17th Century, the blues of Alison’s dress so sympathetic with the colours in the magnificent organ pipes, the dove and her long flowing hair.The concert was timeless, with a tiny interruption from a saw as work continues with the repair to  the window frames of a nearby house.The audience included a large Labrador cross who lay contentedly he made one long happy sigh.

    As her final comment, Alison made a special thank you to Jill for her warm hospitality which had enhanced her own experience and contributed to her musical expression that day.