Connecting Kenya talk by Marigold Thorpe


    It was a privilege to host this Connecting Kenya talk by Marigold Thorpe. Marigold grew up here on the Rame Peninsula and since visiting India in her early teens with the local youth club on a Peace Child project has been inspired to become involved in making a difference in struggling communities. Marigold’s illustrated presentation was very well received. She spoke of her visits to Kenya at various times over the past ten years. She has loved the serendipity of how one thing has led to another.

    One of her return visits was through VSO, when in making an effort to work anywhere in the world, she ended up once again in the same area of Kenya as where she volunteered with a friend as a university student. By sheer coincidence she bumped into a young lad she had sponsored years before, but had lost touch with because of various political events in Kenya.

    Marigold is now looking forward to moving ahead with an initiative to support the Joy Rescue Project. This project works with street children: this scheme supports the street children by getting alongside them, finding out about the circumstances which brought them to live and try to survive on the streets.  More often than not they are there to raise money for the family, which of course keeps them out of school. Emmanuel and his helpers work to reunite children with their families, then to support them so that the child can attend school, which is free; funds are needed to pay for books and equipment.

     Joy Rescue has set up a sponsorship scheme. If you would like to find out more you can contact us via email


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